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When construction costs exceed your budget,

CDK steps in with expert cost-saving strategies

to guide your project back on track and under budget.

We reduce costs by 15% on average for our projects.

Facing budget overruns?

In the world of real estate development,  nothing is more frustrating than seeing years of planning jeopardized by construction costs that far exceed your budget.

This common scenario not only stalls projects but can also threaten the financial stability of your business. At CDK, we understand the frustration and anxiety that come from these setbacks and are here to guide you back to safe ground.

why cdk?

Reduce construction costs by 15%

We understand that every dollar counts when it comes to your construction budget. That’s why we specialize in identifying and implementing cost-saving measures that trim your total expenses by an average of 15%.

Our deep dive into your project’s details—from materials to manpower—ensures you benefit from the most cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. With CDK, you’re not just saving money; you’re investing in smarter construction.

maintain project quality

We redefine procurement in construction by focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Our approach eliminates wasteful spending and unnecessary mark-ups by sourcing materials directly from manufacturers and optimizing the supply chain. With nationwide wholesale supplier relationships and deep knowledge in material and labor sourcing, we ensure that resources are purchased at the best possible price.

Our precise material takeoffs and labor analysis facilitate ‘apples to apples’ bid comparisons, allowing us to maintain project timelines and quality standards. By segregating material and labor in bids and leveraging our strong network of pre-qualified suppliers, we not only reduce costs but also enhance the coordination and efficiency of every project phase.

expert guidance from bid to build

Your project benefits from over two decades of specialized experience in the construction industry. Our team has been involved in the construction of over 120,000 homes, multifamily units & hotel keys, which means we’ve managed over $1.8 billion in construction costs. This vast experience, combined with our unique expertise in building supply distribution and procurement strategies, ensures that we bring a depth of knowledge unmatched by others in the field.

From the initial bid to the final build, CDK provides expert guidance that navigates the complexities of construction projects, ensuring smooth execution and optimal outcomes. With CDK, you gain a partner who leverages historical insights and proven strategies to guide your project to success.

building success in construction cost reduction

Since 2001, CDK has been the cornerstone for developers facing budget challenges in construction.

With a rich history of managing over $1.8 billion in construction costs, we offer proven cost-saving strategies tailored to each project’s unique needs.

Our extensive experience and innovative approaches in procurement and project management ensure that your construction outcomes are not only cost-effective but also of the highest quality.

Let us guide you from bid to build, reducing costs and enhancing outcomes every step of the way.

our proven process

We simplify your journey from financial frustration to project success in three easy steps:

Step 1: Free Cost Savings Assessment

Begin by submitting your project details and current budget. We’ll conduct an initial review to pinpoint immediate cost-saving opportunities.

Step 2: Detailed Consultation Call

Next, meet with our experts to discuss potential cost reduction opportunities and strategic approaches tailored to your project.

Step 3: Custom Proposal

Finally, receive a comprehensive proposal designed specifically to meet your project’s unique needs and budgetary goals.


For every $1 invested in our procurement services,
we will save you at least $8 in hard construction costs.

That’s an 8x ROI


Ready to Bring Your Project Back on Track?

Start with a free cost savings assessment

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without compromising on quality.